Merle Radtke

Merle Radtke is curator and director of the Kunsthalle Munster since 2018. She creates and implements exhibitions and public programs. She has collaborated with artists such as Mary Beth Edelson, Christiane Blattmann, Katia Kameli, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Mikolaj Sobczak, Pedro Barateiro and Dominique White. At Kunsthalle Munster she also runs a residency program for NRV […]

Chloe Stead

Chloe Stead is a Berlin-based art critic and associate editor of Frieze. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Artnet, Art-agenda, Frieze, Frieze d/e, Mousse, and Spike Art Magazine. She also regularly contributes to artist monographs and has participated in or moderated talks at Damien & the Love Guru, Brussels; Vienna Contemporaries; Hamburger Bahnhof, […]

Christophe Knoch

Christophe Knoch is a lawyer and one of the initiators of The Coalition of the Independent Arts in Berlin. The Coalition of Independent Arts was founded in Berlin in 2012 as an interdisciplinary group supporting the interests of Berlin’s independent art community. According to the views of the coalition, the cultural policy that the government […]

Rina Gosalci

Rina Gosalci currently manages the Education and Communities Programme at the interdisciplinary institution the Centre for Narrative Practice, Manifesta 14 Biennial’s legacy in Prishtina. She made important contributions to the culture and education sphere in Kosovo, through her role as the manager of education projects within Manifesta 14 Prishtina and through her work within the […]

Nuno Sacramento

Nuno Sacramento is a curator, director of Peacock Visual Arts, (Aberdeen, UK). Between 2010 and 2016 he was director of the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. He graduated from the DeAppel Foundation in Amsterdam and received his PhD in Visual Arts (Shadow Curating) from DJCAD, University of Dundee. He sits on the board of the Scottish Contemporary […]

Monika Szewczyk

Monika Szewczyk is a curator and collector who has been in the art world professionally since she was 29 years old. Since 1990, she has been the director of the Aresnal Gallery, Białystok, Poland, where she continuously implements an exhibition and educational program. Manages the gallery’s contemporary art collection. The Arsenal Gallery is considered one […]

Waldemar Tatarczuk

Waldemar Tatarczuk is an artist and director of the Labyrinth Gallery in Lublin, Poland. He is a well-known Polish artist who has been expressing himself through performances and art installations since 1988. He is the founder and curator of the Performance Art Center in Lublin. Since 2010, he has been running the Labyrinth Gallery. He […]